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Classical Acting
Ages 14+

This is a two-semester Apprentice Scholar project for scholars who have had two years of Shakespeare Conquest.  Exceptions can be made for youth 15+ with permission from the class mentors if the scholar has completed one year of Shakespeare and has a private audition. This class hones the skills developed in Shakespeare. We'll be studying plays from different time periods giving the scholars an understanding of the history of drama. Presentations and papers will be done in connection with the plays studied. Scholars will work on techniques to give their understanding and delivery of Shakespeare more depth. Everyone is required to audition on the first day of class. In the first semester they will choose a scene from Shakespeare to polish and perform. In January, scholars will do a Process Drama based on the Shakespeare play read. In the spring they will rehearse a Shakespearean Comedy and perform it.  In Classical Acting, the scholars participate in leadership roles in the process drama and film project. Generally, scholars take only two years of Classical Acting. Students wishing to take a third year must commit to additional responsibilities.

Scholars will also learn...

Vision: to view themselves as statesmen/women and recognize their impact on others.
Mission: to serve others and find their voice through writing, speaking, and acting.
Abilities: to begin with the end in mind, to make and keep commitments to themselves and others, and to see that the whole is greater than the parts.
Skills: to submit to the right mentors and receive coaching, inspire themselves and mentor others, work well with others despite their feelings toward them, and analyze heightened language to discover meaning, emotion, characterization, and delivery.


Books and other materials needed
(subject to change by the mentor):

Student manual - $10. The student manual is a download from the LEMI website and will be printed and put in a binder by the scholar. Only one download is needed per family.

Each year the students read 4 plays selected by the mentors that are from different time periods. Examples are given below, but should not be purchased. Mentors will share a booklist before class.
Greek Tragedy (for example, Oedipus the King by Sophocles)
French Farce (for example, Tartuffe by Moliere)
Modern Play (for example, Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw)
Shakespeare Tragedy (for example, Hamlet by Shakespeare)
A Shakespeare Comedy is chosen for the spring performance

How much time is required for work outside of class?

Scholars should expect to spend 5-10 hours a week on reading, writing, presentations, and memorization. During February and March, there will be additional practices on Fridays. 

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Parent involvement?

Parent involvement is mandatory during the Spring production. A mandatory production meeting will be held and an explanation of what assistance is needed will be shared at that time. Parents must be an active commonwealth member, be present on campus and agree to stay up-to-date on Band, our commonwealth’s communication app.

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