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Key of Liberty
Ages 12+

Key of Liberty is a two-semester Practice Scholar level project studying America's founding period, specifically the American Revolution and the United States Constitution.  Students learn through lectures, writing opinion papers, giving presentations, memorization, field trips, debate, simulations, and reading.  Books and document studies focus on biographies of the Founding Fathers as well as original documents.  Some of the highlights of the project include memorization of the Declaration of Independence and students' writing of the Constitution in their own words.  As they complete requirements they earn ribbons to tie onto their “key,” and a class trip at the end of the year is awarded to students who meet all the requirements.  Scholars gain an understanding and appreciation of America's founding period, the sacrifice that was and is required to obtain and maintain liberty, and of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Scholars will also learn...

Vision: to develop allegiance to God, country, and family; to make the connection between education and greatness.
Mission: to experience a personal call to greatness and take a stand for freedom.
Abilities: to improve personal confidence, attention span, study hours, and language skills.
Skills: to find their voice through memorization, writing, and speaking.

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Books and other materials needed
(subject to change by the mentor):

Student Manual - $30+

Red Scarf Girl by Ji-li Jiang
The Landing of the Pilgrims by James Daugherty
John Adams, Reluctant Patriot of the Revolution by Leonard Falkner
Apostle of Liberty:  The World-Changing Leadership of George Washington by Stephen McDowell
Freedom Factor by Gerald Lund
Fifty-Five Fathers by Selma R. Williams & Robert Frankeberg
The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz
The Proper Role of Government by Benson or Bastiat’s The Law

How much time is required for work outside of class?

Students will spend approximately 5-10 hours per week reading, memorizing, researching and preparing for class.

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Parent involvement?

Parents are part of the Key of Liberty scholar’s mentor team and will commit to a weekly parent mentor meeting with their scholar to help them with scheduling and time management, writing, presentations, memorization, etc.  The idea is to help the scholar take initiative and provide them with support, listening to and challenging them along the way.  Parents must be an active commonwealth member, be present on campus and agree to stay up-to-date on Band, our commonwealth’s communication app.

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