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Sword of Freedom/
Hero Project
Ages 12+
(Preferably after having completed Key of Liberty)

Sword of Freedom Project - Fall Semester

This one-semester, Transition-to-Apprentice-Scholar project provides students an exciting look into one of the most interesting periods of our nation’s history: the Civil War Era.  In this project we offer an inspiring environment in which Practice Scholar students study biographies, primary documents, and events of the Civil war. They learn about historical patterns of war, forms of bondage, and the power one person has to make a difference.  In order to be successful, students will be challenged and supported in building critical scholar skills such as: increasing attention span, managing time, writing opinion papers, reading for both content and application, and presenting oral reports effectively.  Those students who choose to meet the requirements to earn the award for this class will be presented with a replica of a Civil War Sword.

Hero Project - Spring Semester

This one-semester, Transition-to-Apprentice-Scholar project is designed to empower our current Hero Generation to form a link to the Hero Generation of World War II.  We do an intensive study on the leaders, and learn the difference between true leaders and demagogues.  Through getting to know these amazing men and women who won The War, they will learn what qualities Heroes have. They will see what is required of a Hero Generation, and gain a desire to emulate those individuals they study. Students will be mentored by both the living and the dead by hearing their stories, being invited behind the scenes, and coming to understand that each and every person has a unique mission to perform in this life. Eisenhower didn’t win the War. Churchill didn’t win the War. The man swabbing the deck did. The man who built the plane did. The women who put together the code breaking machines did. They all had their part in the ultimate victory, and it wouldn’t have happened without each and every one of them working together toward a common goal. Scholars learn through reading and studying books and original documents of the time period focusing on courageous acts.  Students also will write opinion papers and participate in simulations and field trips.

Sword scholars will also learn...

Vision: to see the connection between education, character, and greatness.
Mission: to recognize that their education is vital to their personal mission.
Ability:  to govern themselves through recognizing the power of personal freedom.
Skills: to identify patterns in history and in their own behavior, to memorize, and to develop finishing power.

Hero scholars will also learn...

Vision:  to gain a greater allegiance to God, family, self, and country.
Mission:  to value great leadership and seek to become a great leader themselves.
Abilities:  to develop scholar skills such as time management and deeper study.
Skills:  to further develop their lines of logic in writing and speech, intensify research skills, and prepare to make the transition to apprentice scholar.

SITL Sword of Freedom_ Hero Project-All photos-37090385930.jpg

Sword books and other materials needed
(subject to change by the mentor):

Student Manual - $20+

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriett Beecher-Stowe (audio recommended)
Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt
Abraham Lincoln: A Photo Biography by Russel Freedman
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Hero books and other materials needed
(subject to change by the mentor):

Student Manual - $20+

Children of th
e Dust Bowl by Jerry Stanley (optional)
Flags of our Fathers (adapted for young people) by Ron Powers
The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom
Unbroken (young adult version) by Laura Hillenbrand
Hiroshima by John Hersey

A biography of choice about someone from the WWII era (scholar will present on this).

How much time is required for work outside of class?

Students will spend approximately 7-10 hours per week reading, writing, memorizing, researching, interviewing, preparing for presentations, etc.

SITL Sword of Freedom_ Hero Project-All photos-36365329633.jpg
SITL Sword of Freedom_ Hero Project-All photos-41972648568.jpg

Parent involvement?

Parents are part of the Sword/Hero scholar’s mentor team and will commit to a weekly parent mentor meeting with their scholar to help them with scheduling and time management, writing, presentations, interviews, memorization, etc.  The idea is to let the scholar lead and provide them with support as they do so, listening to and challenging them along the way. Parents must be an active commonwealth member, be present on campus and agree to stay up-to-date on Band, our commonwealth’s communication app.

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