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OUR 2023-2024 MENTORS

Guide | Inspire | Challenge | Love | Stretch | Support

The core of Lighthouse Academy is our passionate team of mentors, who encourage the scholars to follow a high academic and character standard to guide their values, creativity, and leadership. We love and appreciate all of our mentors who wear so many hats and still choose to volunteer here at Lighthouse Academy.

Junior Program - Stephanie Lowell, Milissa Faulkner, Kristi Thulin,

Brianne McClellan, and Audre Taylor


Key of Liberty - Jennifer McLaughlin, Lisa Vance and Sarah Springston


Shakespeare Conquest - Emily Gleason, Heidi Andrews,

Marci Bendheim and Anders Agle (Student Mentor)


Sword of Freedom/Hero - Leah Hone and Jessica Loerhmann


Quest I & II - John and Shannon Moss


Quest III - Liz Agle and Anne Mollman


Classical Acting - DaNell Friebe and Nikole Tobler


Family Foundations - Heidi Christianson and Erin McCurry

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