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Ages 13+

Georgics is a Practice Scholar project. The purpose of Georgics is to give students the tools to take ownership of their own education by studying the principles of Georgics: providence, self-validation, mission, land ownership, community stewardship, local interdependence, and entrepreneurialism. Scholars become homesteaders and take charge of their own education and their lives. This is accomplished by reading familiar literature with “new eyes" and discovering Georgics principles in each story. As Georgics is concerned with people providing the basics of food, housing, and clothing for themselves, students will have an opportunity to create their own garden and feast project. There will be an increase in the amount of reading, writing and projects that are designed to prepare the student for apprentice level classes.

Scholars will also learn...

Vision: to understand the principles of Georgics and the importance of being a homesteader.
Mission: to have something unique to offer the world.
Abilities: to increase study hours, gaining the habits of self-reliance and interdependence, becoming a homesteader in their education, and applying correct principles to daily living.
Skills: to plan, organize, execute entrepreneurial endeavors, inspire themselves to do hard things, choose between goods, and ask the right questions.

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Georgics-All photos-47251039375.jpg

Books and other materials needed
(subject to change by the mentor):

Student manual - $20+

The Year Money Grew on Trees by Aaron Hawkins
The Beekeeper’s Lament by Hannah Nordhaus
Little Men by Louisa May Alcott
Founding Gardeners by Andrea Wulf
Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
Farmer George Plants a Nation by Peggy Thomas

How much time is required for work outside of class?

Scholars will read books monthly, write mini papers weekly, journal regularly, and give presentations. Scholars can expect 5-10 hours of outside work (including project work).

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Georgics-All photos-48665998659.jpg

Parent involvement?

Parents are part of the Georgics scholar’s mentor team and will commit to a weekly parent mentor meeting with their scholar to help them with scheduling and time management, reading comprehension, project planning and execution, etc.  The idea is to help the scholar take initiative and provide them with support, listening to and challenging them along the way. Parents must be an active commonwealth member, be present on campus and agree to stay up-to-date on Band, our commonwealth’s communication app.

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