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The members of Lighthouse Academy are served and represented by an Executive Board and a General Board of Directors. The Executive Board consists of four elected officers and two appointed officers.  The General Board consists of one elected officer and seven appointed officers.  Officers are elected by a simple majority at our end-of-the-year parent meeting.  


2023-2024 Executive Board

Director - Liz Agle

Assistant Director - Leah Hone

Parent Representative - Erin McCurry

Mentor Representative - DaNell Friebe

Junior Program Director - Stephanie Lowell

Secretary - Gene Alexander

2023-2024 General Board

Treasurer - Mary-Anne Bedke

Operations Coordinator - Amberly Arnal

Public Relations Coordinator - Sarah Springston

Historian (Yearbook) - Kim Waldron

Resource Coordinator - Anne Mollman

Assistant Junior School Director - Milissa Faulkner

Events Coordinator - Elle Rowley

Community Outreach Coordinator - Vacant

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